Meet Judaen Brown, the Founder of Ergoi Agathoi

Hello, my name is Judaen Brown! I am a creative, entrepreneur, and a bibliophile; I always have a good book or two tucked away in my purse.

I am passionate about storytelling! Growing up, I’ve always had a love for all things literature. My love for literature came full circle when I studied English and Spanish Language along with Literature at Southern Connecticut State University where my first poem, “Where’s My Dwayne Wayne,” was published.

You can normally find me writing, reading, singing, learning guitar, traveling, spending time with my family, playing with my dog, Mercy, volunteering with my church, or napping. I love a good siesta!

Ergoi Agathoi is a resource inspired by God with the desire for you to develop a relationship with Christ, so you can become all that God has called you to be. Here you will find expression, lifestyle stories, and encouragement.

After being saved on January 31, 2015, I discovered God encompasses everything I do – He is my source. And whatever He shares with me, I will share with you; this is not just about my growth but about yours, too! 

Our lives are bits and pieces of a large puzzle, a beautiful God-sized picture, so keep hanging on, keep hanging in, and keep hanging tough. Love you!