It was a mistake.

We all know the “golden rule” – treat others how you want to be treated. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard this saying in kindergarten as a guide for us kids to govern ourselves accordingly. However, we didn’t always adhere to the rule. And we probably created some kind of variation to the regulation that suited us better like “treat others how you want to be treated…that are kind to you – all them other folks, rude and the like, can kick rocks.” It’s like how you believe you can stack a +4 on a +2 in UNO, but UNO never created that rule, you did😂. But that’s not the point. The point is, are we actually doing what we say? I know we can’t expect ourselves out of other folks, so when placed in a situation where people treat you like dirt, how do you react? Do you treat’em like how you wanna be treated or do you have a “kick rocks” mentality? 

It’s story time. I was leaving Duchess – for ya’ll that don’t know, Duchess is, in my humble opinion, an elite fast food restaurant – after having purchased my breakfast – bacon, egg white and cheese on a soft roll with a medium orange juice (just in case you feel like blessing me one day lol). Anyway, on my way out, I realized way too late that I was leaving the parking lot from the entrance and not the exit, but it was wide enough where two cars could comfortably fit without causing an accident. It was a mistake, but I kept going because I believed reversing would cause more harm than good. As I was leaving, a woman started driving in, and I could see from the inside of her car that she was yelling at me. She even shook her fist! I calmly rolled down my window, and she did the same, and I hollered, “It was a mistake,” to which she responded, “Oh, my bad.” I think she thought I was doing it on purpose, which was foolish because why would I risk my life like that?? 

Anyways, the interaction reminded me of something I need to do more of even when others don’t, which neatly falls under the umbrella of the “golden rule” – extend some grace. I work part-time as a waitress, and when people come in with a frown or a grimace on their face, my hope and goal is that they leave with a smile by the end of their meal. It’s a small victory for me, but it also reminds me that everyone is dealing with battles, big and small, that they may never share. Because of that, they can react unfavorably towards you. However, I don’t want their demeanor to change the way I act toward them, any other customer or my team members. It reminds me of something my aunt told me, “be the thermostat not the thermometer – you set the temperature/tone in the room, not the other way around.” 

As a believer, life and how I perceive it always dials back down to the word of God. Is this saying supported in the Bible? And it is – “love my neighbor as I love myself” (Mark 12:31). So while others might not be so gracious to me, it’s my responsibility to love on them anyway, so they can see Christ working through me. Having a “kick rocks” mentality doesn’t benefit anyone especially me. If anything, that kind of mentality, I believe, could push me to think the worst about people. We all have bad moments, but it doesn’t mean those moments make up who we are. I wanna encourage you to on today to extend some grace. I know it may be hard at first, but the phrase “kill’em with kindness” is very real, and it’ll help you not to internalize how that person(s) is acting towards you. Hey – make it a mission! How can I “extend some grace” today? How can I “treat others how I want to be treated” today? How can I “love my neighbor as I love myself” today? Then do it! Be that blessing to others and watch how it’ll bless you. Selah.

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